Wednesday 16 July 2014

Review of the Indola Wonder Blow-Dry

Given how much damage I have inflicted to my hair by constantly bleaching it, I try and stay clear of heat styling tools as much as possible in order to try lessen the damage. That means that during summer, I barely every blow-dry my hair. 

However, in winter it becomes near impossible to do this - I have very thick hair so to let it air dry in winter pretty much guarantees that I will get a cold since it takes forever to air dry. For that reason, I regularly blow-dry my hair during the cold winter months. 

So, when Indola Wonder Blow Dry promised to speed up my blow dry, while providing heat protection, detangling and banishing frizz, I was curious to give it a shot - because, let's face it, what girl doesn't want to spend less time drying their hair?
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Wonder Blow-Dry is a multi purpose product, on the back of the bottle there is a list of other things that it does (besides speeding up blow-drying time). For me personally, the most important thing on that list was the fact that it contains heat protection so I don't have to layer on any other product before blow drying my hair - thus saving me time and money!

The product is easy to use, all you have to do is spray it onto towel dried hair and off you go with the blow-dryer. I found that this product pretty much halved the time it took to blow-dry my hair - this is awesome because it means that I am using less heat on my hair so in turn causing less damage to it. My hair used to take around 15-20 minutes to dry, but with the Wonder Blow-Dry I managed to do that in no more than 10 minutes tops. The de-tangling, frizz maintenance and added shine are also a nice bonus.

Even though this product has some great features, I personally don't particularly like the scent that it has. I find that the scent lingers in my hair for a while after blow-drying and tends to overpower the nice scent of my shampoo. If this product had a nicer scent then it would make me enjoy using it more. 

Other than the scent (this is my personal taste of-course), this product doesn't make my hair feel crunchy, nor does it leave any residue on the hair either. 

Overall, I think this is a great little multitasking product, especially for those of us who don't have much time to blow-dry their hair and don't want to waste money on multiple products.

This product retails at $19.95 from salons. For information about your nearest stocklist, please call 1800 251 887.

Disclaimer: This Indola Wonder Blow-Dry was kindly sent to me for consideration to review. I was not paid for my review nor am I affiliated with the company in anyway. My 100% honest opinion, as always :)

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