Wednesday 20 November 2013

Joico K-Pak split end mender review

In my attempts to repair my super damaged hair, I have been purchasing all kinds of products - some of which have been great and others, not so. I bought the Joico K-Pak reconstructive split end mender after one of my friends recommended it because she said that it worked well for her hair.

Joico K-pac split end mender hair care australian beauty review ausbeautyreview blog blogger aussie honest reconstruct (1)Joico K-pac split end mender hair care australian beauty review ausbeautyreview blog blogger aussie honest reconstruct (3)

The Joico split end mender comes in a nicely packaged 100ml bottle which set me back around $26.95 from Hairhouse Wearhouse just before they updated their packaging (I have included a picture of the new packaging below for convenience).

The product itself comes in a cloudy white, gel formula which has a pleasant scent which does not linger in your hair. Given that it is a gel, it won't weigh your hair down  although I recommend that you only apply it to the ends of your hair because that is where it is designed to work.

My friend's hair was obviously not very damaged because I have noticed that this product has done absolutely nothing for my hair! Even though I have been consistently applying it onto damp, towel dried hair every time that I wash my hair, it has made no noticeable differences to my split ends. I have not noticed that they have improved in the way that they look and it has not stopped more from forming.

I now realize that sometimes, not everything can be fixed and the best way to address the issue with your hair is just simply to have a hair cut. So, I bit the bullet, and had a haircut yesterday. The hairdresser cut off just over an inch of hair but boy, does my hair feel so much healthier!

If you have damaged hair like me, don't waste your money on products that promise to perform miracles and just get a haircut or a trim. It is the best thing that you can do for your hair in order to keep it looking healthy along with taking good care of it.

What is the latest product that you have tried that has completely failed? I would love to hear your experiences.

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