Friday 17 April 2015


Review of the Miadi Hairfood

Given that it's Friday, I thought that I would review another international product in my stash. I found this product whilst browsing the shelves of Nakumatt in Nairobi, Kenya. 

After all the travelling, my hair was feeling worse for wear so I decided to give this product a go in an attempt to whip it back into shape as we had another 2 weeks of travel left.
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This product is interesting to say the least. To my surprise, it was a waxy formula and not cream like I expected. The product melts easily when you touch it so it is easy to scoop out and apply onto your hair. It doesn't smell too bad either.

I think that this is not a leave in treatment because it instantly makes your hair greasy when you apply this product. So I would recommend that you use it like a conditioner and wash it out before towel drying your hair.

Overall, this is an interesting product, it didn't really do much for my hair except make it greasy. Given that it was super cheap, I didn't really mind too much.

Have you purchased some interesting products whilst travelling overseas? I would love to hear your stories.

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  1. blogrekindled said... 18 April 2015 at 22:40

    Shame this didn't work out. I think my best beauty finds have been in asia, love the bb creams and dollywink mascaras.

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