Friday 3 April 2015


Neutrogena Makeup Remover Cleansing Towelettes

When it comes to makeup removers, there are not many out there which I have not tried. Although, one product which I always come back to is the Neutrogena makeup remover cleansing towelettes.

This makeup remover, without a doubt, always removes all traces of makeup (even waterproof!) with ease and it has become the only product which I will travel with. It is compact and saves precious luggage space - plus there is no chance it will leak unlike bottled makeup removers.
As you can see from the picture above, the packaging is quite basic and you receive 25 pre-moistened towelettes in each packet. The towelettes have a nice soft scent and nothing too overpowering.

I find that it is perfect for travelling because, unlike other products, this one is not irritating on my skin and does not cause my eczema to flare up. Also what sets this one apart from others is the fact that these towelettes are actually moist even when you get towards the bottom of the packet - most other ones are totally dry by that time and as a result, do a poor job at removing makeup.

It is no surprise that this is my favorite product that I will always continue to repurchase until I can find a cheaper alternative.

What is your favorite makeup remover?

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