Wednesday 10 September 2014

Review of the Nivea Light Feel Daily Face Veil SPF30

We all know how important it is to wear sunscreen, so I have been on the lookout for a product which I can wear everyday and take with me in my handbag for touch-ups during the day. I found this Nivea, light feel daily face veil on special at my local Woolworths a few months ago so I decided to give it ago.
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I love how cute the packaging of this product is - it is small but big enough at the same time so that I can get quite a few uses out of it.

I was hoping that since it is a sunscreen formulated for the face, that it would be less greasy than normal sunscreen but I was wrong. This product makes my face just as greasy as if I had applied normal sunscreen on my face. This makes it hard to wear makeup on top of it.

I love that it is a light formula and that it smells lovely but unfortunately, it just doesn't work well with my skin. I also find that it leaves a bit of an oily residue so that doesn't help things either.

Overall, I expected more from this product. I think that if you have dry skin then it may work better for you because it is definitely not for people like me who have pretty oily skin.

If you are looking for an SPF 30+ moisturiser, then I would recommend one of my old favorites from Olay.

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