Monday 1 September 2014

Review of the Aveeno Moisturiser

This Aveeno moisturiser is a product which I purchased several months ago and just never got around to reviewing for you guys. Its probably due to the fact that I wasn't overly impressed with it and just ended up handing it over to my sister on one of her usual days of asking to use my stuff.
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The thing that caught my eye about this product was the fact that it claimed to be an oil free moisturiser which contains sunscreen.

I tried to like this product because it seemed that it would do everything I wanted it to - including evening out my skin tone, but unfortunately it just wasn't for me. 

I am one of those people that are picky about scented products - they either have to smell good or not smell at all for me to like them. Unfortunately, this moistuirser has an awful scent which I didn't enjoy applying onto my face.

Besides the scent, I found that this moisturiser made my face look greasy and there was no way I could wear makeup after applying it. I have pretty oily skin to begin with so this moisturiser just made it ten times worse.

Overall, I have not been impressed with this product and would not recommend it.

Have you recently had a bad experience with a product? 

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