Friday 9 August 2013

Moroccanoil Extra Volume Shampoo/Weightless Mask Pack

Hi beauties! Today I am going to talk about some great Moroccan Oil products that I have been trying lately from which is an Australian online shop selling a whole range of different products at discounted prices. I have actually purchased many products from the RY website in the past (you might recall my Babyliss rollers review I did recently) so I was excited when they contacted me to review some of their Moroccan Oil products. I am always happy to work with a local company that provides great customer service to their customers.

Now before I get sidetracked, lets get onto the review, I got the Moroccan Oil Extra Volume Shampoo and Weightless Mask Pack which contains a whole heap of fantastic products so I will be doing a quick review to let you know what I think about each of the products in the pack.

As you can see from the picture above the pack contains the following:
  • Extra Volume Shampoo, 250ml;
  • Extra Volume Conditioner, 250ml;
  • Weightless hydrating mask 500ml;
  • Moroccan Oil treatment - light, 100ml; and
  • a travel size light treatment.

Moroccan Oil volumising shampoo and conditioner 
Having tried quite a few products from the Moroccan Oil range so I had high expectations for these two products.

I thought that the shampoo was disappointing as it is hard to spread on the hair for some reason and it also made my hair feel brittle after washing. However, the conditioner is absolutely amazing. I like to leave it on my hair for around 2 minutes before washing it out. My hair has never felt so soft without using a treatment! I think that the conditioner saves the day when it comes to this duo because the shampoo formula really needs improvement.

Both the shampoo and conditioner are meant to be 'volumising' and I think that is somewhat true. My hair did feel like it had more body after using the shampoo and conditioner consistency for a few weeks - my fiancé even noticed and made a comment! My hair is usually very flat so even though there wasn't a dramatic difference, it did improve.

Moisurising mask
I love the hair masks by Moroccan Oil and you may recall that I did a review of their Restorative Hair Mask a while ago so feel free to check that out if you’re interested. This mask not only smells great but works wonders for my dry and damaged hair. For the best results I recommend using it once or twice a week and keeping it on your hair for 8 to 10 minutes because that way you give the product enough time to penetrate into the hair and give you the best results. My hair was silky smooth and super soft after using this product! It was also more manageable and looked much healthier because it had its shine back.
Lite Oil treatment 
This is the lite version of my favorite Moroccan Oil treatment. It is just a lighter formula, both in terms of colour (it is not as dark as the original so it won't discolor blonde hair) and it is also not as heavy as the original. It can be applied to either wet or dry hair and works great either way. It is designed as a leave in treatment so you don't need to wash it out. Even though it is an oil, it doesn't make your hair greasy and it doesn't weigh it down. However, I found that if I applied too much or if I applied it to my roots then it did make my hair greasy. I would say that as a rule of thumb for all oil hair treatments that you shouldn't do these things anyways.
The pack retails at over $100 but you can get it for $87 from Overall I think it is a great pack that comes with some top notch products.
Have you tried any Moroccan Oil products? What did you think of them?

Disclaimer: These products were kindly sent to me for consideration to review. I was not paid for my review nor am I affiliated with the company in any way. My 100% honest opinion, as always :)

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