Monday 11 August 2014

Review of the Pantene Ice Shine Shampoo, Conditioner & Treatment

Hi beauties! Today I want to talk about the latest products to hit my bathroom - the Pantene  Pro V, Ice Shine range. 

I will be the first to admit that during winter, my hair has a tendency to be dull and lack shine - hence why these products caught my eye. The Shampoo, Conditioner and Treatment promise to give your hair new life and shine without using nasty chemicals. In fact, the packaging of these products claims that they contain no added silicone, dye or parabens!
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It is great to see more and more companies coming on board and reducing the use of nasty chemicals in their products.

All three of the products in this range come in well sized bottles so you are getting more product for your money - the Shampoo and Conditioner retail at $7.99 for a generous 350 ml bottle. Although the Daily Rinse Off Treatment is slightly more expensive and retails at $9.99 for a 200ml bottle.

Now, lets talk about each of the products in detail:

Ice Shine Shampoo

This shampoo comes in a semi-clear bottle so you can see exactly how much product you have left and the shampoo itself is clear as well. The shampoo lathers nicely when it comes into contact with water and smells super fresh - I love the scent actually! 

However, I feel that the shampoo is actually very drying on my hair. After using this shampoo my hair feels like straw and in desperate need of hydration! I cannot imagine that this is good for my hair so I definitely don't enjoy using the shampoo and would not recommend it.

Ice Shine Conditioner

All the dryness inflicted by the shampoo is remedied by this fabulous, rich conditioner. The conditioner is relatively thick but it is nonetheless easy to distribute onto the hair. Having this conditioner on your hair even for the shortest time makes your hair feel super soft and smooth. I love that feeling of my hair when I rinse off the conditioner!

The conditioner has the same great scent of the shampoo which is great because they help ensure that it lingers in your hair that little bit longer after you get out of the shower.

Daily Rinse Off Treatment

I quite like using this treatment because it comes in a handy bottle - which is actually perfect for travelling. The formula of the treatment is relatively thick but just like the conditioner, it is easy to distribute onto the hair.

I feel that the treatment doesn't really do too much because the conditioner works so well. I didn't notice too much difference in the way my hair feels when I compare the way it felt after using the conditioner and the way it felt after using the treatment. I expected for it to do more, although I tend to use salon hair treatments so I have high expectations and am yet to find a drugstore treatment that can compare.


Overall I feel that these three products did deliver well when it came to the way my hair looked. I noticed that my hair looked more shiny and thus more healthy after only a week of using this product range. The conditioner and treatment made my hair feel super soft without weighing it down.

I enjoyed using these products and would definitely recommend the conditioner and treatment but I would skip the shampoo.

Have you tried these? Did you like them?

Disclaimer: This Pantene Pro V products were provided to me to test as part of a trial team. I was not paid for my review nor am I affiliated with the company in any way. My 100% honest opinion, as always :)

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