Tuesday 16 April 2013

Review of the Prestige Brow Shaping Kit

Since the beginning of this year I have started making an effort on my brows. I never used to pay any attention to them and only recently started filling them in. It is amazing as to how much of a difference such a small amount of product can do for your appearance and I can't believe that I went so long without it!

The Prestige Brow Perfection, Brow Shaping Studio kit has everything that you need in order to keep your brows looking their best. It contains small tweezers  a mirror, eyebrow stencil, brow brush and two shades of brow powder - actually everything you need in order to do your brows on the go, like when you are on holiday!

The kit is super easy to use, although I have not had much use from the stencil. I did try it though just to see what different brow shapes would look like on me but none of them were similar as to look decent enough to wear outside of my house. 

Even though the colours look very light in the packaging  they actually turn out a bit darker when applied on your skin. I find that a little goes a long way with this product so you don't need to be heavy handed with it. It is also great quality and lasts an entire day without going anywhere! The brow powder is also a great matte colour so it looks perfectly natural when applied.

The kit comes in two shades, the one I purchased is the light - medium kit (shown in the pictures) but it also does come in a medium - dark kit as well. It retails at $19.99 at my local Kmart so it is not that cheap but I think that it is great quality and value for money because it does last a long time.

Overall, I have been impressed with the quality of this product and how it comes in such a conveniently sized kit with everything you need all in one place. I would highly recommend it especially for taking with you on holiday.

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  1. Bottled Beauty said... 16 April 2013 at 12:38

    Thanks for reviewing this. I've seen it and been interested in it, but haven't seen many reviews of their brow products :)

  2. Makeup Tips Blog said... 16 April 2013 at 22:24

    I've been wanting to try this! Have you tried the Essence Eyebrow Stylist Kit? Much more budget friendly and the shades are highly pigmented!

  3. Makeup Tips Blog said... 23 April 2013 at 22:02

    Let me know how you like it! I prefer it over Urban Decay's Brow Box. The only thing I dislike is the flimsy packaging!

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