Sunday 10 February 2013

Review of Ingrow Go

As you ladies already know, ingrown hairs are one of the worst side effects of waxing or shaving. I saw the Ingrow Go by Skin Doctors advertised in a magazine so I thought that I would give it a shot to see how it works.

I purchased mine for around $25 from Terry White Chemists so it is not exactly super cheap. It comes in a 120ml bottle which is a good size so it lasts quite a while.

To use the product you need to pour some serum onto a cotton ball and then wipe it onto the area which is prone to ingrown hairs or already has ingrown hairs.

As the above product description says, this product works like an exfoliator so if you keep using it, it strips the layers from your skin and also makes it very dry. This product also does not work instantly and takes around one week of daily use in order to see any results (besides the dry skin!).

Overall, I think that this is an ok product which can help you avoid ingrown hairs. However, using this product in no way guarantees that you won't get any ingrown hairs. I haven't noticed any noticeable results from using this product so I am still on the lookout for the perfect product to treat those annoying ingrown hairs.

Do you use any products to help you get rid of ingrown hairs? I would love to hear your recommendations.

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  1. Alice Mullen said... 11 February 2013 at 12:43

    I tried an earlier version of this product. Same name, but it was in a
    blue rectangular bottle. It burned by skin so badly that it caused
    blisters, and I couldn't use it long enough to see if it actually

    I started using the Nads Ingrow Solution as soon as I
    knew that it existed. At first it was a thin liquid, then they changed
    the formula to make it thicker ~ almost a gel.

  2. Kim Luu said... 13 February 2013 at 18:25

    thanks for the review! i stuggle with ingrown hair sometimes and its quite annoying. havent found any products that have helped yet. might give this a go.

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