Sunday 20 May 2012

Moroccan Oil - Restorative Hair Mask Review

Today I thought I would do a quick review of one of my favorite hair products - the Moroccan Oil Restorative Hair Mask. This hair mask not only smells great but also does wonders for dry damaged hair.

As you guys know, I put my hair through a lot! I colour it every 3 weeks and heat styling is pretty much an every day occurrence (although I am trying to cut down) so it takes a quality product to bring the life back into my hair. The thing I really love about this hair mask is that it leaves your hair super soft and smooth. I even used it on my hair extensions to give them some much needed TLC and it worked a treat. I highly recommend using this product on your hair extensions if they are feeling really dry.

I know that this product is quite pricey, it retails for $49.50 for a 250ml jar but I think it is value for money because it will last you ages. You only need to apply a teaspoon amount to the ends of your hair, although you might need more if you have thick long hair like me and then just leave it on your hair for around 5 to 7 minutes, and wash out.

One thing to note about this product is that you should not leave it on your hair for more than 7 minutes and don't use it more than once or twice a week. The reason behind this is that this product contains protein. Protein is good for your hair in small amounts but too much of it has the opposite effect and starts damaging it. My research indicates that 7 minutes is the maximum time that the protein will be beneficial for your hair.

Overall, I really enjoy using this product as part of my weekly hair care routine and have repurchased this product a number of times since I first discovered it. 

What is your favorite hair care product?

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  1. sleepandwater said... 22 May 2012 at 23:09

    Sounds like it really works for your hair - I need something like this as my hair has been a bit dry lately. I didn't know that leaving product with protein longer than 7 minutes actually is counterproductive - I'll keep that tip in mind :)

  2. Aleya Bamdad said... 25 May 2012 at 05:16

    I never tried this mask but I did try their hydrating mask and that was really good. It's for dry or damaged hair so it should be ok to use for color treated hair too.

  3. Anonymous said... 25 May 2012 at 08:13

    I love using Pro Naturals Moroccan Argan Oil to tackle frizz, my hair is curly and gets really frizzy but the oil tames it and smooths it down. Now I have shiny, soft and nourished hair :)

  4. Karo said... 29 May 2012 at 01:19

    thnx for the info, I am using a good product that is helping me a lot, it's Pro Naturals Moroccan Argan Oil which keeps my hair healthy, makes it stronger and protects it from any damage. :D

  5. Kate T said... 15 June 2012 at 19:30

    is my holy grail product. I use it almost every day especially when blowdrying
    my hair as it quickens up the process –  but love the mask too! I think
    Hairtrade is the
    cheapest place you can get it at the moment x

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