Monday 14 April 2014


Review of the Mac Studio Fix Foundation

Hi beauties! I am going to keep today's post short and sweet as it is a short work week after all. I will be talking about an old favorite of mine that I have never actually gotten around to blogging about because I always thought that it was a product that most girls had tried and didn't need to read about. 

It wasn't until earlier this week when one of my girlfriends asked me for advice on a new powder foundation she should try and it came up in conversation that she had never actually tried the Mac Studio Fix foundation. So it occurred to me that even though a product has been around for what seems like forever, that does not meant that everyone has tried it, so that is the motivation behind today's post.
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Besides the sleek and functional packaging there are several reasons why this is my favorite powder foundation ever. 

Firstly, it comes in my exact shade so it matches my skin perfectly. Secondly, it is the only powder foundation that I have tried that gives me the perfect coverage every time. It does wonders for my oily skin in the summer months because the powder tends to absorb the excess oil from my face, leaving it shine free and natural looking. The powder sits nicely on the skin and does not look cakey at all.

It is the one product I always go back to event thought I have tried literally hundreds of other powder foundations but none seem to do the job in the same way. I love to take it with me whilst travelling because it has everything I need - it has a mirror and a sponge applicator all in one neat little package! 

If you haven't tried the Mac Studio Fix foundation then I highly recommend you give it a go especially if you are a fan of powder foundations or you have oily skin. 

The only downside to it has to be the price, at $49.00 it is not exactly cheap but given how well it works, I think it is worth it (although I usually stock up whilst I am overseas where the prices are a bit more wallet friendly).

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  1. Katie Power said... 22 April 2014 at 21:29

    what kind of coverage is it? i've been really wanting it for a long time!

  2. Chels @ COABA said... 23 April 2014 at 15:35

    I have never tried this but have heard good things. I might check it out next time I'm at a MAC counter

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