Tuesday 24 January 2012


Review of Naked Tan - Goddess Bronze

This summer I have been experimenting with a lot of fake tan products trying to find one that will give me the most natural looking tan possible. While I am still searching for the perfect fake tan product, I thought I would share with you my thoughts about one which I have been using lately.

My most recent experiment has been with using the Goddess Bronze by Naked Tan.

I have had the spray version of the Naked Tan applied at my local beauty salon around 4 times and every time I have really loved how natural the results were. So when I saw that Naked Tan made 'at home' tanning products I had to give this one a try, especially because the thought of having the perfect tan at home really appealed to me.

The product comes in a decent 150ml bottle which is nicely packaged. The thing that caught my attention when I was deciding on whether the purchase it was the smell. This product has a lovely sweet coconut smell. It is one of the first fake tanning products which I have found that actually smells nice!

My experience with this product has been a rather a lengthy one. When I first purchased it, I somehow ended up with a faulty product which had no colour development on my skin. This was quite a surprise to me since I am naturally very pale to say the least. I contacted the retailer who told me to go directly to Naked Tan and that's what I did. I contacted Naked Tan through their website and within a week I had someone call me about it. A few emails and weeks later, I received a replacement product in the mail. I have to say that I have been very happy with their customer service and how nice they were about getting my issue resolved.

Now that I have finally had the chance to experiment with the (not faulty) product I can finally write this review. 

When you squeeze the bottle, the product comes out very dark and thick.

I think that the formula is the one thing that really gets this product down because it is way too thick. This makes it incredibly difficult to evenly blend onto the skin without causing streaking. No matter how hard I try and blend the product onto my skin, I can never get it to develop without streaks and rubbing it too much tends to remove the product so you have to be careful in that respect as well. I think that if it was not such a thick formula then it would be a lot easier to apply. Having said that, I do like that this product is such a dark chocolate colour because it makes it easy to see exactly where you have applied it and which spots you have missed.

On the bottle it says that this product requires 2 hours to develop, however I think that you need more like 8 hours in order to develop a beautiful colour. I guess that the development time would vary depending on how dark you are to begin with, but if you are as light as me then you will need the longer development time. 

After washing off, this product creates a beautiful brown tan without any trace of the dreaded orange colour. However the streaks ruin the natural look that the tan would otherwise have. I don't have a picture of the results to show you but I do have a video where I am wearing the Goddess Bronze fake tan which you can check out here.  

Overall I think that this product has great potential to be the perfect fake tan product if it had a better formula. Given that it costs $31.95 for a 150ml bottle I don't think that I will be purchasing it again. Although the bottle is enough for two full body applications of the tan and a couple of applications on your face. For details of stock-lists visit the Naked Tan website.

Have you found the perfect fake tan product yet?

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  1. Bottled Beauty said... 24 January 2012 at 17:24

    WOW that looks so dark. I always struggle to find a good tan or pale skin.

  2. Jordy said... 28 January 2012 at 21:13

    That looks amazing!! I find it quite scary though how dark it is haha!! Quite expensive though but might be nice to try out :) xx

  3. Chelsea said... 29 January 2012 at 11:05

    I'm still waiting for the perfect fake tan! I am loving Sunsense Everyday Radiance at the moment though, it's more of those build-a-tan type products.

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