Friday 24 April 2015


Review of the Catwalk Haute Iron Spray

If you are like me and enjoy heat styling your hair on a regular basis, then I am sure that you are already familiar with the vast range of heat protecting products in the market.

The latest product which I have been trying out has been this Catwalk, by Tigi, Haute Iron Spray. It is supposed to not only protect your hair from damage from straighteners but also deliver shine as well.
HAUTE IRON SPRAY catwalk tigi australian beauty review ausbeautyreview blog blogger aussie protect hair styling shine heatAs you can tell from the packaging, this product comes in a spray bottle which is great because it dispenses a fine mist onto the hair and does not make it wet.

The spray smells ok - its not the best but it is bearable. However the key question is, does it work? I honestly have not found that it has made any difference to my hair. Even though I use this product every time I use a heat styling product, my hair is still increasingly damaged and I have to get it cut every few months.

I find that this product makes my hair feel a bit dry after application. Having said that, I find that my hairstyle lasts longer when I use this spray.

Overall, I have not been overly impressed with this product and it is unlikely that I will repurchase it.

Have you discovered a great heat protecting spray? Let me know your recommendations in the comments below.

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