Monday 30 June 2014

Hi beauties! I hope that you all had a wonderful weekend. You may recall that earlier this year I went to Singapore for a couple of days with my husband. Whilst I was there I took the opportunity to do some shopping at Victoria's Secret. 

One thing that instantly springs to mind is the fact that I was really disappointed to see that none of the Victoria's Secret stores in Singapore actually stocked any lingerie whatsoever - I thought that was silly since that's what the brand is famous for anyway! The stores only stocked perfumes, some makeup and body products, that's it!

Anyways, I picked up a couple of goodies for my sister and myself (mostly sale items because the prices were double of what I remember paying in the US!).

Friday 27 June 2014

Hi beauties! Today I am going to talk about an Australian brand that I discovered recently - Natural Instinct. As the name suggests, their products use natural ingredients and not tested on animals. As you guys know, I like to use natural products whenever possible so I was pretty excited when I first heard the brand and the range of skin care products they make.

I have been using the Natural Instinct hand wash for the past couple of weeks so I wanted to share my thoughts on this lovely little product.

Wednesday 25 June 2014

Hi Beauties! I hope that you had a wonderful weekend - mine was filled with meetings and some fun market research but all in all it went by too fast! Anyways, today I am back with another super affordable product review. I don't know why, but I get really excited when I discover a beauty buy that does not break the budget especially since we are currently saving up hard for our honeymoon so every cent counts at the moment.

The Jordana Best Lash Extreme Volumising Mascara has to be, hands down, one of the best mascaras that I have used - that includes high end mascaras that cost 10 times the price! You guys know I don't say things like that about just any old product so this is a big deal in beauty terms.

Monday 23 June 2014

Hi Beauties! I hope that you all had a great weekend - it always feels like it goes by super fast for some reason! I am excited about the week ahead so I thought that I would start it off with a bang and talk about some of my new found favorite Burt's Bees products that have just come out. The cold weather really tends to dry out my lips so I am always on the lookout for a quality lip balm that can quickly restore my lips back into tip top shape.

Friday 20 June 2014

I was giving my beauty stash a much needed sorting recently and I discovered a whole bunch of products that I completely forgot that I had - I have been reaching for the same old stuff for the past few months, it was time to rotate things around and get through this mountain of products that I own (I am not a makeup hoarder I swear!).

One of the products that I have been getting a lot of use from recently has been this Maybelline Fit Me Bronzer. This came out as part of the Maybelline Fit Me range and you guys know how much I love that foundation (read my full review here).

Wednesday 18 June 2014

Hi beauties! I hope that you are having a wonderful week so far, today I want to talk about a product which I am sure a lot of you have seen all over the social media lately - I know that my Instagram feed has been full of (modestly) naked beautiful people wearing Frank body scrub over the past few months. 

Frank is a company that I had never heard much about before Instagram - it seems that their funky marketing tactics have worked as they seem to already have quite a following on there. As usual, after seeing this on my Instagram and watching girls raving about it on Youtube, I was curious about this product and decided to take the plunge and order it. It only cost $14.95 (with free shipping in Australia) so I thought that it was worth the risk so I could do a review for you guys.

Monday 16 June 2014

Hi everyone! Given that we are now well and truly into the chilly winter weather, I thought that it would be the perfect time to talk about a hand cream that I have been enjoying using lately.

I recall picking up this hand cream from my local Woolworths several weeks ago when they had a special on Nivea products but I am sure that you can get it anywhere that usually stocks Nivea. Since I have been making an effort to steer towards natural and organic products, so this product seemed to fit the bill perfectly. It is from Nivea's pure and natural range and according to the packaging, 95% of the product is derived from a natural source.

Friday 13 June 2014

Hi everyone, today I have an exciting new product to talk to you about - the Sachajuan Intensive Hair Oil. As you can see from the 'My Beauty Profile' section of this blog, I have very damaged hair due to years of bleaching it blonde. My hair is also very thick and unruly so not just any ordinary product can do the job for me.

If you are not familiar with the brand, Sachajuan is originally from Sweden and has gained quite a reputation for quality professional hair products. It finally arrived on our shores in late 2013 so it is still relatively new over here.

Monday 9 June 2014

Hi beauties! If you are like me and love to display your makeup collection but don't want to spend a fortune on expensive storage products then today's review is for you! I was in Target the other week and noticed that they have a nifty (albeit small) collection of beauty storage products at very affordable prices - this little lipstick organiser set me back about $7.00 (which is half the price then what they cost at Howard's Storage World).

Monday 2 June 2014

Hi beauties! Today I want to talk about the latest lip product to make it into my collection - the Chi Chi Viva La Diva Cream Lipstick. As you guys know, I am a huge fan of Chi Chi products (read my previous reviews here) so it was only a matter of time until I got my hands on this!