Friday 24 January 2014

Review of the Schwarzkopf Ultimate Colour

Hi lovelies! Today I want to talk about at home hair colour because since discovering the Schwarzkopf Ultimate Colour, it has taken my house by storm - it is the only hair colour my mum and I now use! There are a number of things that set this product apart from your conventional at home hair colouring kit and that's why I love it so much.
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As you can see from the pictures above, the box contains everything you need in order to colour your hair at home. However, with this product there is no mixing involved before application. All you have to do is shake the bottle (which looks like two cylinders joined together) and off you go.

The product itself comes out as a mousse formula, one side is a white foam and the other side contains the colour. Once the mousse/foam is dispensed, you need to mix it in your hands and then apply to dry hair. The beauty about this product is the fact that you only take as much product as you require and the left over product can be kept to be used later to touch up your roots! This is the first hair product that I have used which is able to be closed and opened up at a later date to be used again. This aspect of the product makes it great value for money as you can get an all over colour and have enough product left over to do your roots in 4 weeks time!

Another fabulous thing about this product is the fact that the mousse formula is mess free and super easy to apply. It also doesn't drip so your clothes are safe from being stained as well.

I have very thick, shoulder length hair and I usually have to purchase two packets of hair dye in order to cover all of my hair. I was pleasantly surprised when I discovered that this product not only covered all of my locks but I also had a bit left over to do my roots! Like I said above, I feel like I get my money's worth with this product because I get so much use out of it. If you don't have as much hair as me then this product will last you several applications before you need to buy another bottle.

As for the colour, I found that this product gave me a beautiful, vibrant brown colour that lasted a couple of months without fading too much. The colour did not dry out my hair and the conditioner included with the hair colour made my hair feel super soft and smell lovely after application.

Overall, I have been really impressed with this innovative hair colour by Schwarzkopf and highly recommend it to everyone who is after a quality hair colour. The Scwarzkopf Ultimate Colour retails at $19.99 at my local Priceline (Although I noticed they had it for half price last week!).

What is your favorite product to colour your hair at home?

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  1. Chels @ COABA said... 24 January 2014 at 12:36

    Oooo this looks interesting! I might have to try it.

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